Heat Recovery Innovation Yields Greater than 100% Energy Savings. Yes, Greater Than 100%!


Our engineering team recently devised an efficiency solution that potentially applies to every manufacturing plant using air-cooled oil-injected air compressors.

The concept focuses on the re-engineering of compressors into a cogeneration system producing high-grade heat recovery from both the oil cooler and aftercooler. In the first on-site implementation, the application was for a food manufacturing plant requiring hot water for sanitation and washdown, and has produced greater than 100% energy savings.


  • The operating temperatures of oil-injected compressors can safely generate cogen water temperatures up to 180°F.
  • The heat recovery conversion concept is safe, effective, and relatively simple, capturing 100% of the heat, while reducing the load on the air dryer by as much as 80%.
  • For every 100 HP load, the compressor typically generates 5 gallons per minute of high-grade 180°F water.
  • Greater than 100% heat recovery is achieved by eliminating fan horsepower and reducing air dryer condensate loads.

Because the application requires a single water flow that must cool two heat exchangers in series, an engineering formula is required to accept the appropriate variables and balance the flow to each exchanger for the correct amount of cooling.

This design and technology can be applied to any existing compressor application in a plant with hot water demand. The opportunities are expanded when incorporating thermal storage.   



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