Hitting the Gas on Energy Efficiency Incentives

It's an historic time for New England manufacturers to take advantage of huge gas incentive increases from utility companies.

Recent regulatory changes, especially in Massachusetts, have made increased amounts of rebate and grant money available through the utility companies for natural gas energy conservation. These windfalls for industrial customers have been truly remarkable. In one recent measure, upwards of $1 million was awarded to help defray costs of a large project, with a complete ROI payback in less than one year.

In addition to the extraordinary government/utility funding increases, policies and restrictions have been relaxed.
Now, manufacturers can employ fuel switching to cut energy costs and still receive incentives. Combining heat and power efficiencies into a single project is now a being emphasized, with large amounts of money available for qualifying projects. As a result, gas efficiency measures can incorporate electrical savings and customers receive dual rebates for both gas and electrical savings, shortening the payback.

Now is truly the time to upgrade your facilities and processes to take advantage of the regulatory changes and increased energy-efficiency funding from state governments and utilities.
When you embark, be sure to hire an engineering company that has broad expertise in design/build industrial projects which maximize every opportunity for incentive savings.


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