Should the Company that Designed It, Build It?

Single Accountability is the crucial factor in the smooth sailing of a design/build engineering project. 

It seems out of fashion to take responsibility for one’s actions these days. The lack of accountability in today’s society has become an epidemic. We offer a refreshing contrast by proactively taking comprehensive responsibility for all facets of design-build projects from start to finish.

As many customers have discovered, using multiple firms for different functions is often a recipe for disaster. Our view is that serving as both the engineering/design firm and the builder/installer allows us to create and implement our innovative designs in the most practical, efficient way possible. Starting with an initial needs assessment and continuing through the final commissioning of your finished system, every detail is taken into consideration.

Why is “single accountability” so important? It allows creative vision and experience to play the leading role in successful design/build projects. As a result, our design process can factor all potential implementation issues that could arise into the engineering plan. There is great value in employing this strategy of anticipating problems before they happen. It eliminates bureaucracy, animosity, and finger pointing. It reduces unnecessary expense and lost time of having unforeseen problems occur.

Two additional ways that we offer value and accountability are:

1) by managing the relationships and incentive rebate process with utility companies, and

2) through covering product warranties

Many customers tell us stories of considerable time and expense invested in developing engineering plans that end up being shelved because there was no practical implementation plan or entity to execute the concept. Imagine how many 50-page engineering reports are gathering dust all over America!

Let’s put an end to that.

At IMEC, we provide the design, implementation plan, and cost estimate. We’re the engineer, builder, fabricator, installer, general contractor, project manager, and commissioner. We manage the utility rebate process and cover the warranties. You simply say go.