IMEC's Scientific Approach to Engineering

Applying a scientific process to the conception of engineering solutions immeasurably improves creativity and results:

  1. Hypothesize
  2. Experiment
  3. Observe results
  4. Reach conclusion or adjust hypothesis

The art of scientific inquiry and the discipline of engineering are a perfect marriage. Traditional engineering follows defined parameters and accepted conceptual and numerical processes to arrive at solutions, while science inspires thinking outside the box to discover new frontiers when solving complex problems.

Our engineers think of themselves as scientists who work in the engineering field. This is "the IMEC way," and the greatest differentiating benefit of collaborating with us. The process builds systems that function efficiently and reliably with optimal energy-saving results, exactly as planned. 

To borrow a phrase from Apple’s classic advertising campaign, we “think differently.”
We apply inventive thinking to what most engineers approach as standard solutions, and welcome unusual one-of-a-kind challenges. It starts with being open to—and encouraging—new ideas. In fact, the projects that produce the greatest results are usually the ones in which we break from tradition. Our solutions are developed using the scientific method and then fully vetted through critical analysis.

Each project is approached as a unique and individual application. After determining the common objectives and restrictive parameters, our scientific method leads to the simplest, most reliable and cost effective solution for your company. This model has enabled us to grow into one of the premier industrial systems design-build firms in the country. 

In 2016, manufacturers will realize 92,000 tons of carbon reduction through energy-efficient systems designed and installed by IMEC.