Custom Engineered Compressed Air System for United States Naval Shipyard

IMEC engineered and fabricated a compressed air and drying package with integrated diesel generated backup for the U.S. Navy nuclear submarine repair dock in San Diego, CA. The system provides turbo freeze cooling for line isolation during nuclear submarine repair.
The Portable Freeze Seal Compressed Air Systems (PFSCAS) used at the Nuclear submarine base provides freezing (isolating) of coolant lines and and maintain the freeze seal for the duration of service. As a result, the system requires 100% redundancy.
The scope of supply, includes two (2) Portable Freeze Seal Compressed Air Systems (PFSCAS) and one (1) 500 KW diesel generator for emergency back-up power. Each PFSCAS is comprised of an air compressor with outdoor SS weatherproof enclosure, a skid mounted air receiver, and a skid-mounted air dryer. Each of the components was “best in class” and were supplied with Off Shore paint system suitable for coastal operation. The air compressors (16,600 lbs) and generator (39,500 lbs) were constructed with custom lifting rigs to allow for crane picks at the Shipyard. The system delivers -50 F dew point compressed air at 115 psig continuously—enough to supply four (4) freeze seals.

IMEC fabricated  a header manifold which incorporates a Flow Meter, Pressure Transducer, Temperature Transducer, and Dew Point Meter for performance testing. These instruments have NIST or ISO Traceable calibration. The equipment was performance tested at our Ayer, MA facility (Point of Origin). The system was required to run for eight (8) hours continuously without interruption. The manifold was shipped to the Point Loma Naval Submarine Base to allow the test to be repeated on site.