IMEC secures the largest rebate ever offered by Public Service of New Hampshire

IMEC recently completed two request for proposal (RFP) projects through PSNH for biotechnology and medical manufacturers in New Hampshire. Both projects were custom, multi-measure energy-efficiency projects that were competitively bid and selected. One included a $250,000 rebate, the largest incentive that PSNH has ever offered.

At Smith's Medical in Keene, NH, IMEC designed and installed a new Energy Management System (EMS) to control the company's production suite environment and mechanical systems. The system employs open Allen Bradley-based hardware and software to allow for easy customization and future expandability. The measure also integrated two 230 ton variable speed drive York chillers into the system control. A Variable Speed Drive vacuum system was installed and exterior lighting was upgraded. Total combined fuel and electricity savings are estimated at more than $200,000 annually. With the $250,000 utility incentive from PSNH, a complete return on investment is expected within two years. The customer is also benefiting from reduced programming costs that were associated with a proprietary Building Management System.  

In the second project for New Hampshire's largest biotechnology company, IMEC replaced multiple fixed speed compressors with a single centrally-located Atlas Copco oil-free VSD compressor with integrated heat of compression dryer. Custom programming was performed on the dual tower dryers to enable them to function as trim dryers following the heat of compression dryer, virtually eliminating purge air and regeneration heating. Power savings are forecasted at $75,000 per year. PSNH provided a $123,000 rebate. The customer will also realize a substantial reduction in maintenance costs as a result of lowering the number of compressors.

In total, PSNH provided more than $370,000 in rebates for these two projects.