IMEC Tapped to Assist with MACOM's Plant Expansion.

MACOM, a worldwide semiconductor and component manufacturer, has hired IMEC to assist with one aspect of its plant expansion project in Lowell, MA.  IMEC will be upgrading MACOM’s air compressor cooling system, eliminating the inefficient use of chilled water. The new design will transfer the heat to the makeup water for MACOM’s reverse osmosis system. Evaporative cooling will be used to dissipate excess heat.


"As with many of our projects, we were called in to provide efficient cooling, and then discovered opportunities to integrate heat recovery and reduce energy consumption as well." 


The project will reduce electrical consumption by 170,000 kWh annually with power cost savings of more than $20,000 per year. Natural gas savings will be approximately 32,000 Therms per year, translating to $32,000 per year, bringing the total savings to $52,000 annually. IMEC metered and modeled the energy savings to facilitate the National Grid rebate incentive.