National Grid establishes IMEC as a Project Expeditor (PEX)

IMEC has been approved as a Project Expeditor (PEX) with National Grid and is now authorized by the utility as a qualified partner-provider of energy efficient solutions for commercial and industrial enterprises. Project Expediters are a select group of independent contractors who uphold superior standards for quality and customer satisfaction. They are evaluated on the ability to provide "Best Practice" energy efficiency solutions to customers, maximizing energy efficiency, cost savings, and project ROI.

IMEC President Joe D'Ambrosio said about the formalized partnership, "It's a privilege to achieve PEX status. We've been working with National Grid on customer energy incentives for years, and we're looking forward to collaborating on an even closer basis for the benefit of existing and new customers. This is the next step in IMEC's evolution as a premier provider of turn-key mechanical engineering systems that lead the way in energy conservation."

Services of National Grid PEX Providers:

  • Inspect facilities for energy-saving opportunities
  • Recommend and engineer appropriate energy efficiency measures
  • Provide analysis of project economics
  • Maximize benefits of utility incentive programs (rebates)
  • Provide complete installation services

A sampling of IMEC's energy-efficiency achievements
National Grid Project Expeditor (PEX) information