Mechanical Engineering Sustainability

mechanical engineering sustainability

IMEC does everything under the sun in mechanical engineering, design, construction, and contracting.

We built our reputation in industrial manufacturing, initially focusing on engineering, fabricating, and installing high-efficiency plant utility systems. Our reputation for bright ideas and smoothly-managed turn-key solutions led to opportunities in many other industries, and specifically into contracting.

We always bring something unique to solving your challenges.

Always value engineering, energy conservation, and a more efficient, less expensive solution. We also offer an accountable team-oriented approach to contracting and project management, with teams of experts from mulitiple disciplines working in harmony.

Still a leader in the Industrial arena, IMEC also serves customers as a contractor in commercial environments such as hospitality, multi-family residential, senior living, corporate real estate, retail malls, and warehousing.

The difference we make is significant in three crucial areas: engineering innovation, mechanical craftsmanship, and diligent project management.

Many of the most high-profile corporations in the northeast rely on IMEC to design and build industrial plant systems.

Our high efficiency thermal-transfer systems integrate chillers, pumping stations, closed and open towers, radiators, and liquid-to-liquid heat exchangers to provide maximum efficiency at minimum operating costs. There is no better company to choose for specialized manufacturing environments such as clean rooms and spaces requiring impeccable climate control, whether you are in Boston, in Massachusetts, or anywhere in New England.

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