mccormick McCormick & Company Recognized for Top Energy ProjectMcCormick & Company, a Fortune 1000 manufacturer of food and flavorings, has been recognized by Energy Star for a Top Energy Project of 2018. The honor was awarded for a “compressed air system with heat recovery” in the company’s Dallas manufacturing plant—designed, built, and installed by IMEC of Devens, MA. It was one of only seven projects in the nation to be recognized.

IMEC’s solution was designed to address two primary problems: 1) an obsolete compressed air system, and 2) an undersized and outdated hot water heating system that often required maintenance.

The new system addressed the two above challenges holistically, taking the waste heat generated by the compressors and using it to produce free hot water, significantly reducing water heating costs and natural gas consumption.


  • Two air compressors: one fixed speed and one variable speed with output to match demand
  • Heat-of-compression dryers which use waste heat from the compressors as the energy source for drying
  • Heat exchanger and storage tank to capture waste heat from the compressor cooling loop to provide “free” hot water
  • On-demand high-efficiency condensing water heaters to provide additional hot water as needed
  • Cooling tower with variable speed drive fan to handle overflow cooling requirements


  • Significant carbon footprint reduction
  • The new compressed air system is 30% more efficient and reduced the electric cost for the entire plant by 10%.
  • Free hot water and on-demand water heaters reduced natural gas consumption by 50% and eliminated hot water shortages that prolonged production cycles.

McCormick’s project leader was Jeff Blankman, the company’s Sustainable Manufacturing Manager and a key figure in the company’s global purpose-led sustainability initiative. IMEC’s president Joe D’Ambrosio said, “We are thrilled to be collaborating with McCormick and to see its sustainability efforts recognized for excellence by Energy Star. This work is our passion and teaming with customers who share that passion couldn’t be more satisfying.”

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