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My writing usually examines mechanical engineering solutions addressing topics of the day. In this piece, we focus on an important subject for current and prospective customers, vendors, and associates: the myriad ways that IMEC makes life easier for customers.


The fundamental difference to remember about IMEC’s engineering approach is our driving aspiration to solve problems for customers by using holistic, plant-wide analysis, supported and confirmed by scientific examination. We analyze your challenges with a clean slate, to open the door for fresh ideas and innovation. How does this make life easier for customers? It guarantees a system that will work, is built for the future, and will integrate with utmost energy-efficiency into the mechanics of a facility’s production environment, often improving facets of the plant that were never considered at the outset.


One of our primary goals is to cause the least amount of disruption to our customers’ production environments and personnel. For this reason, skid fabrication typically occurs off-site and is delivered assembled and tested, ready to slide into place.


Value-added services come in many forms at IMEC. Our history and expertise in collaborating with utility companies on energy rebates has paid off handsomely with millions of dollars for customers. Often, our customers receive as much as 40% (or higher) utility reimbursements for capital expenditures, drastically reducing the payback time. On most projects, the combination of utility incentive rebates and annual energy savings leads to project costs being recouped within 2 to 3 years. IMEC is an official Project Expeditor for National Grid.


As you might expect, being based in the Boston area, we’re fans of the New England Patriots and their work ethic, commitment to excellence, and long-term success. Led by arguably the greatest coach in NFL history, the organization’s combination of intensive preparation, brilliant strategic planning, and in-game flexibility to respond to what’s happening in front of them is unprecedented. Metaphorically, we like to view this combination of unsurpassed analysis, design strategy, and real-time problem-solving flexibility to be hallmarks of IMEC.


Most of our design/build work involves retrofitting existing facilities with customized systems that require nuanced energy and data management. Digital controls are an essential facet of every project, and our expertise in open architecture control systems allows you to have unlimited flexibility to add, subtract, and combine entirely different plant systems and functionality— a huge advantage if your facility needs to expand or update mechanical systems in the future.


We recently changed our job title of project “manager” to project “director.” In IMEC’s design/build environment of custom solutions, much more is required of a project leader compared to standard plan and spec jobs. The complexity of our projects usually requires an on-site director from design to commissioning, which fosters an environment in which quick adjustments can be anticipated and made with little if any downtime.

Our valued customer Mark Korzec of Circor sums it up, “To have the constant presence of a senior-level manager who possesses engineering expertise is tremendous. Our goal was to build a world-class facility and the project director’s vigilance and adaptability played a huge role in making that a reality.”

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Learn about how our scientific approach to sustainable mechanical engineering will take your facility into a future of ultra efficiency.

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Our engineers will dramatically improve your plant efficiency and help you take advantage of utility company rebates to cover a portion of the cost.

Through a combination of generous utility company rebates and IMEC’s high-efficiency engineering solutions, you’ll realize the benefits of streamlined mechanical systems that produce huge annual power savings.

We recently completed a project that is saving a customer over $1,100,000, annually.

Even if you don’t think you need a new mechanical system, it’s likely that we will discover a facet of your facility’s efficiency that can be improved dramatically. As an Authorized National Grid Project Expeditor, we also manage the utility rebate process for you.

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